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I have been waiting all week for these shoes to arrive so I can do a post and they have finally come so here goes....
I recently discovered online fashion shoe retailer Just Fab....and well it's Just Fab! 
There are plenty of shoes to choose from and all different heights and styles so even if you're really fussy, I'm sure you will find something.

I ordered the Cartagena and Darwin shoes and love them both! 
The Darwin has a easy and convenient Velcro fastening which means no more faffing around with buckles. At first I wasn't sure that it would be strong enough to hold, or if it might look a bit tacky but it's perfect. I also love the high back section, I have quite small ankles so unlike the rest of my shoes that tend to slip after a while, these provide the extra grip needed to hold my foot inside the shoe.
I must admit, at first I wasn't too sure about the Cartagena, but they have grown on me and are quite unusual so I doubt you'll find anyone else in these....Sometimes it's nice to be a bit different!! I also quite like how the yellow contrasts with the black, this season is all about that pop of colour.

Both are surprisingly comfortable for heels, thanks to the soft and slightly cushioned inner sole, however the fit on both the shoes is slightly off which means I have to return them which is irritating but I guess that's one of the down falls of ordering online...you never really know what you're going to get. Don't worry though, because they deliveries and returns are free.
To purchase from Just Fab you are required to make an account, I decided to make a VIP Members account which means that any pair of shoes I purchase will be £35 or Less, which is amazing, but you have to remember to log in to your account each month and hit the "Skip This Month" button if you do not wish to make a purchase otherwise your account will be automatically charged £35, however don't worry too much if you do forget because this charge will turn into 1JustFab credit which can be redeemed on any item in the future.
Why not have a look for yourself here... http://www.justfab.co.uk/invite/streetandrail1/
Take care Chickas.
Tan xx



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