DIY Bracelet

This week has been a hectic one and I have yet another to follow, so sorry for the lack of fashion posts, but today I have a treat for's a DIY Bracelet. 
Who said fashion has to be expensive! Personally I prefer personalised pieces and DIY creations, not only because it's unique and you can have things exactly the way you like them, but because they allow you to incorporate a 'you' into them...a bit of personality! 

Simply tie a knot about 8cm into 3 long strands of string, I used embroidery thread and these come in heaps of colours so dont be afraid to mix it up a bit. 
Plait together the strands then a 1/4 of the way down start to thread the nuts onto the strands of thread before bringing them over to plait together. 
Continue for 2/4 of the way down finishing the last 1/4 with a tightly plaited section to hold in place then secure with another knot.

This bracelet is quick and easy, but most of all inexpensive which I'm sure we all like to hear. Why not try something different like mixing up gold and silver, replacing nuts with washers or making it into a great statment piece using oversized rope with giant nuts or washers.

Have Fun.

Tan xx



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