Beauty Balm - bbrowbar Rose Cleaning Balm

Not sure about the rest of you, but one one the first things I look forward to after a long day is removing my make-up! There’s nothing quite like that clean fresh faced feeling …unless of course your offering up a box of Krispy Kremes!

Having tried a many make-up removers, I quickly recognised that I opt for products that are 1. fast 2. fuss-free and 3. effective. 
Searching for something that offered a deep clean, I had a tendency to go for harsher products. Surely, this meant it was working best? No! These just left my face feeling dry and irritable. Sound familiar? A cleansing balm might be your answer!

With a light rose fragrance, the blink brow bar’s Rose Cleansing Balm is soft and buttery. It almost melts into the skin on application, yet removes all traces off without difficulty. Although it says you can apply and rinse off - I wouldn’t dream of using something of this consistency without a facecloth, you’ll only be asking for trouble - even if you thoroughly tone straight after. 
It provides a clean and supple base without leaving a sticky residue nor stripping your face of all moisture. A nice balance and just as easy as reaching for a face wipe, only the natural ingredients are much better for your skin. Clean and simple packaging, there’s very little to fault, but if I could change anything it would be the slight hint of almond scent, but that's a personal thing. I’m allergic to almonds and the smell alone has me running scared!

The also sell this as a duo with a Facial Cleansing Paddle. It’s dual sided and compliments the balm perfectly. The textured side used for when you feel you need a slightly deeper clean, massaging the product into your skin and boosting blood flow to your skin. The smooth side used to apply the balm as an intense mask when your feeling tight and dry. 

In keeping with the brand I followed the cleansing balm with their Tea Tree and Peppermint Lotion. This was cool, soothing and refreshing in scent and application. With light yet moisturising qualities, this is everything you want in a moisturiser, especially in the evenings before bed.

Anyone else obsessed with cleansing balms or tried this one themselves?
Tan xx



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