Sheer Delight

So you’ll be no stranger to the transparent trend on the street. Its absolutely everywhere and Street & Rail is no exception. I love playing with layers, and the daring transparency just makes pairings that much easier than the ordeal of opaque layering.
February's fashion week saw one of the top styles featuring long layers and dresses over jeans. You heard. It sounds like this might just be a dangerously ’00s style move to pull off outside the fashion week bubble, but it can actually be the most interesting way to invigorate your most relied upon denims through 2017. 

Either that or you can show off the absolutely fab figure of your’s with just a body underneath. Depends how daring you want to be I guess?! Some bloggers have styled this to perfection so I’m sure you can find some awesome variations out there.

Until next time,
Tan xx



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