Instant Whites - 7 Days Whitening Swabs Review

Regardless of whether or not you live for social media or under a rock, you will have inevitably noticed the latest craze that is teeth whitening! Influencers, celebrities and blogger all seem to have gone mad for the stuff. 
With so many different brands and types of products out there it can be difficult to know where to start. So how do you know which one’s best for you? Does the price make it more or less aggressive and harmful on enamel?? I’ve heard endless horror stories about the side effects leaving teeth unimaginably sensitive and gums sore, and that's before we’ve got to the chemical taste in your mouth. There’s no surprise your a little worried.

Instant Whites have recently launched a new range of easy use Instant white 7 day teeth whitening swaps. These are designed to be effective in whitening without those harsh effects that scare us all off. 

The 7 Day whitening Swabs and simple swaps that when pushed down release the whitening gel. The swabs provide a weeks worth of treatment in each pack and are a easy solution to teeth whitening. The instructions were so simple, I thought I was missing something but oh no… ready to go In minutes and I love the packaging. Simple and compact, always wins. 
The process is pretty easy actually: Just push the tab down till some Gel appears at the top and scrub away in circular motions for a few seconds. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure, this will only help the process.
It was surprisingly minty fresh as apposed the the usual chemically toxic taste that fills your mouth with many other whitening kits I’ve tried and my teeth are no more sensitive than when I started - YAY! I found it most effective and convenient to use just after brushing my teeth I the evenings. Then get ready for a gleaming smile! 

So do I think it works? Would I purchase it again? 
Yes. Although my teeth are naturally quite white, they are not the straightest nor my most flattering feature and I really enjoyed the boost with it gave my confidence by having a slightly brighter smile. I think the results may have been a little more noticeable if I were a smoker or red wine drinker. For the price point is think its great and defiantly beats other brands in terms of taste and sensitivity.
Have you tried Instant Whites before? What did you think?

There's no stopping my Smile now...this weekend's come early for me! 
Laters London! 
Tan xx

Photo's by: Tan / Sponsored Post 



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