Outerwear is quickly becoming a non-negotiable essential when it comes to winter weather layering. I’ve taken this plunge this year and bought my first non-black coat. Although our choice in colours often follow seasons, I thought would take a leap of faith and go for something different. Now this beauty is the first thing I throw over my shoulders on go to dress up, or down, any look….and it still keeps me cosy (especially with London being thrown into the deep freeze every other day)

I see all outerwear as key pieces. They seem to get buried into the deepest darkest depths of our wardrobes, resurfacing nearly every year come the colder months so its best to invest in something that will last. Better still when your key pieces go together.
The super soft knitted scarf pictured above clearly made a perfect Christmas gift …even if my sister does steal it back at least once a week! 
Luckily, on this occasion, I got there first :)
Love Tan xx



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