A Piece in Time

January seems to have sped by faster than a monkey in a moon rocket! 

We've been back a month already and I'm still trying to adjust to the new daily routine I have set out. No one said change was easy, but things may have to be postponed for a few months while I hibernate a little longer in the mornings, along with the sun. One of biggest annoyances during the winter is the dark mornings and early nights. I yearn to be out in the day, but instead I'm left frowning at my dual screen trying to not drive myself insane… which if you know me, is easier said than done! 
Nevertheless my head is full of fantabulous (yes this is a word …now!) and flamboyant ideas for the year ahead. One of which involves a trip of a life time… I just have to make them happen!

Everybody excited? Me too!

With the days already speeding by as they have, I’m lucky to have my trusty time piece to rely on. I’ve never been much of a watch person. With tiny wrists its a mission to find one that suits. When I do the practicality is undeniable. Time piece forgotten, I’m still left checking my empty wrist throughout the day.  
…Tick …Tock …Tick …Tock
Tan xx



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