Cold Turkey

It’s 3pm and I'm making a B line for a sugar loaded snack. I’ve tried satisfying cravings with a handful of fresh berries and the last chocolate-covered digestives in the back of my desk drawer (Oh wait I already ate those), but I’m still struggling not to run down for an Oreo ice cream shake. I fantasise about the sugar hitting my bloodstream. 
Ok Slight exaggeration!! Instead, I start brainstorming possible alternatives: A pinch of coconut flakes. A spoonful of raspberry jam. A swig of maple syrup...*

We all know about the negative effects of sugar, but research has shown that you can actually get hooked on the sweet stuff!** Scientists have found that sugar is addictive,  stimulating the same pleasure centers as hard-core drugs! Its for that reason that I've pledged to go Cold Turkey… or cut down at least. I mean whats life without a cronut on the weekends!

Anyone else got the same sugar related issues? or just me??
Love Tan xx

* Not Joking! I've done this! 
**Explains the cronut cravings and dreams of swimming in a pool of Cinnabon frosting.



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