Summer Christmas

Warning: Christmas Chaos has officially descended! 

Mistaken or not, it seems we are mid-December and less than a week away from Christmas! (Ahhhh…..) Jheezs this month has flown by faster than the resident squirrel (I will catch you one day!). I'm also a tad late posting today (sorry) but I blame two amazing girls I have the pleasure of working with ....and probably a few too many cocktails. 
While many are left squeezing through the frenzy of shoppers making last minute purchases or the waiting in what seems to be the never ending queues I am somewhat happy I got all of that out the way early. Prone to the cold, I am instead left shivering under mountains of clothes, scowling out of the window, thinking back to Summer Christmas, and dreaming of what is yet to come*

As some of you may remember, I sped straight out of winter to spent the holiday season in Australia last year. Thanks to the Barries I had a truly magical Christmas and all-round awesome trip - God how I miss it! This one therefore goes out to my friends in the southern hemisphere. A timeless classic - the cargo short dressed up with one of my favourite open back tanks, first featured here. This is simple, breezy and elegant for prancing about the beach as you please. 
Meanwhile if your stuck for what to wear to wear to the odd Christmas shin-dig, you can always rely on another timeless classic - The Little Black Dress!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.
Tan xx 

*a fantastical christmas feast and the New Year in case you were wondering. 



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