2016 Outfit Recap

We have again each the end of another year - and what a fabulous year it has been! Packed with excitement and challenges, on its penultimate day I thought I'd recap my year in outfits! Not all, because it simply wasn't possible for one post, but some of the top spots, most of which encapsulate this years travel destinations! - Check the Look Of The Day tags for more....

One-Piece Wonders //
Whenever I'm feeling too lazy to decide what to wear, out hops a trusty jumpsuit! (No-one need know the wardrobe struggle) Minimising your choices on any difficult day these one piece wonders are nothing far from a fab fix... (until you've drank too much water an need to get out of it *covers face*)  

Biker Basic //
As with every year, I have had a hopeless love toward my trusty biker jacket. Simply dependable...easy, comfortable and never lets me down... it don't intend to let it down in 2017 either! 

Wide Leg Loves //
It's simply no secret that I'm a lover of wide leg trousers! First choice over a number of alternatives, and every growing my collection! Cool, comfy and simply fabulous - take the plunge because there's no turning back - I Promise!

City Cool Cat //
Ever the City prowler, nothing has changed. It takes a mix a cool new finds or a trend to jazz up a look that's long loved. A crop, cold-shoulder cami, or classic tee and jacket to name a few.... Other than a small change, you will usually find me bouncing round from place to place in a pair of converse some comfortable, well fit, high-rise, low-risk jeans.

White Denim //
It is wasn't for the constant fear of a spillage or stain, I think my entire wardrobe would be made up of multiple variations of white. For now, a slice of white denim will plug that hole. Clean classic and a beautiful blank canvas to make the basis of any awesome outfit - as I found out this year!  

Through the Shades //
During 2016, I have spent a surprising amount of time in the sunshine. Nothing quite like a trusty pair of shades to get you through some of the brighter moments in life. In a year I have discovered 5 new countries for myself. I am left with a new found love and curiosity for exploring the rest of world. Here's to more trips for 2017!

Sending endless thanks for taking the time to join me this year! You are all eternally valued and always awesome. I can't wait for another year of looks and plenty of fun with you all. Remember to revisit soon ;) 
Love Always,
Tan xx



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