Sensory Overload

I am so so excited to be re-visiting some photos I haven’t got the chance to share with you yet! I've been dreaming about visiting Morocco for a few years now and this year was finally the year. Back in September I made some time to visit the marvellous city of Marrakech. 

Every surface your eyes touched was 1,000 different details to see. A bit of sensory overload at first, but after a day my eyes adjusted and learned to focus in on the small beautiful details.I couldn’t help but daydream about living in a paradise of my own just like this - a mini Marrakech. The tile work on both the floor and walls was exquisite, rendering them as perfect backdrops! If only I had enough time and outfits to shoot them all.
Thankfully I had one last look to do this surface justice!
Of course, in true tan style it would be a loose fitting wide leg. Something comfortable, classic and stylish. I was sold as soon as I slipped these on. 

When you know, you know…  
Tan xx



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