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Happy Thursday! It's like Friday, but less exciting, so here’s a pick-me-up in the form of a post.

I hope everyone’s Halloween went off with a scream?!
Although I love the idea of getting all dressed up and covering myself in far too convincing makeup, I never quite get round to it. Instead I spend my time, looking forward to the awesome season that is Autumn. Wrapping up for the cooler weather, watching trees tan, dancing through fallen auburn leaves and eating a ton of food (bring on the candy carbs): What’s not to love?

For now I’ve been diving straight back into work after escaping the city last weekend. I spent most of my time chasing fluffy bunnies, but the only thing I managed to catch was a cold! Typical, though it does give the perfect excuse to cosy up indoors, snuggled up on the sofa with watching a never ending stream of bad movies!

I have a few exciting additions for the calendar and in case no one has noticed, Christmas is nearly here :D.

November is going to be AH-Mazing!


Tan xx



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