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My hair seems to grow ever wilder with the weather. It has a mind of its own that has an ingrained habit of adapting with the environment (much to my annoyance). There’s only so much I can do when this unruly mop decides it will not be tamed, so here’s to embracing the curls and being whisked away with the wind.

It also acts as an in-built, highly sensitive, weather sensor. 
I am well aware that although the seasons have shifted slightly with Global Warming, we are fast approaching the end of Autumn. Thankfully since these were snapped the leaves have since tuned crisp and golden as expected. The beautiful colours of red and golden leaves scattered across every outdoor surface is one that I look forward to every year. Well worth stepping out into the bitter chill, although be warned…. Jumpers are required by the truck load! 

Don’t judge, I’m prone to the cold!
Tan xx



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