Autumn Clouds

Trench - Mango / Top - Topshop / Trousers - Vintage

I find classically feminine pieces harder to nail down as the layers build and temperature drop. I start to look more and more like an ever growing woolly snowman. The simplicity of a well cut and fitted coat can work wonders for any look. That's exactly what I find with this trench which made its first appearance here in spring.
Much with the turning of time, spring is just a memory, a memory that we sometimes need a little reminding of. 
It probably won't come as a surprise that most first thought to follow was Columbia Road. 
Nothing compares to Sunday's spent at the flower markets. A cheery bunch or pretty petals will always perk you up (fact) even on the rainiest of days… that and I seem to have a draw towards nature - the white hydrangeas had me hooked before I saw them! 
That and the atmosphere is addictive. So much beauty, joy and excitement. Hopefully you get to come here sometime and experience it for yourself, the small independent shops, street musicians and explosions of colour spread across all stalls.

Tan xx



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