Simply Sweltering

Nightshirt - H&M

London is simply sweltering. 
The weathers done a complete u-turn on the undecided random showers and turned tropical!!

So much so that my sole thought over the last 2 days has been about striping down to my underwear and embracing the cool clean tiles that pave the kitchen floor... that and finding genius ways of living unnoticed out of the air conditioned bliss of the office. Surely no-one would notice if I turned one of the cupboards into a (mini)master suite*.

While I have no complaints about the rising temperatures, trying to get to sleep in the greenhouse that I call a room is near impossible. You’d think the night shirt would do the trick but looks like I need a slip dress or silky co-ord. Good thing nightwear had made its way into the daylight hours. Double the wear means double the budget!! Well that's how i’m about to justify this splurge.
Until then, you'll find me gulping down iced coffee in an attempt to keep cool (...and stay awake)! 

Enjoy it while it lasts, I hear a storm is heading our way :/
Tan xx

*construction managers apply here!



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