LFW Palmer//Harding SS16


Palmer//Harding have structure their minimalist brand through the deconstruction of the shirt as their blank canvas. Their SS16 collection is inspired by contemporary artist Nathan Peter’s work of dissection and distillation. Like a reflection of the artist himself they isolate and explore the varied elements of each garment and fabric to create a synthesis of fabric manipulations with cottons, linens and leathers, foiled, stripped and threaded.

Garments were constructed and distilled through de-threading, creating a kinetic energy that runs throughout the collection. Fabrics originally joint and designed to traditionally keep shape, swing down the runway exposing the yarns that make it. Again this is a true reflection of the inspiration, celebrating the anti-digital and restoring a sense of intimacy in seeing the true textural surfaces. 

Introducing elements of brass accessories, oversized hooped earrings and neck bangles as well as rings cinching the waist or the wrists added a refined artisanal touch against the tailored drapery. Dissected fabric surfaces were subtly embellished with Swarovski sparkle and shirts of course clipped with the ever elegant Sheaffer Pen.

Palmer//Harding’s Shirt Series presentation really nailed the look, and I can only anticipate what they come up with next.

In the mean time I guess I'm just to add one of their white's to the wardrobe ;)

Tan xx



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