Fashion Calendar Countdown

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Time to revisit your Instagram feed and get your best outfits dry-cleaned before the immaculately dressed mayhem, that this London Fashion Week, depends upon our city. 
LFW’s is fast approaching, and the final countdown has begun, but its bye bye cobbles, hello multi-storey concrete. 

Yep you heard me!

After 6 years at Somerset House, the British Fashion Council has decided to up and move the Official Event Space to the Brewer Street Car Park in Soho! Love It! …some designers not so much, and have opted for venue spaces weird and wonderful all around London. Meanwhile, if your without an invitation, you may not get to see the exhibition its self but not to fret as you will definitely be treated to the best fashion can offer in the parades of flamboyantly dressed bloggers, stylists and the odd celebrity.  

If your not one of fashion’s movers and shakers it notoriously hard to get into the private shows, but lucky for you theres a fair few going’s on away from the official programme. Here's my top 5 to keep you busy...

If its the a bit of brushing shoulders with celebs that you are after then the top shows to stalk have to be Topshop Unique and Burberry. 

Good Luck Chicks,
Tan xx



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