Sunday Polish - Getting Glittery

 Essie - Romper Room
New Look - Gold Glitter
Gold Nail Tape

Getting Glittery with this fun french manicure inspired nail.
The festive season is slowly (or not so slowly) approaching, and it's time to get ready.
A great nail for whats to come, not only pretty in pale pink but fun and flirty with a little gold and glitter.

Essie Romper Room //
 Nice enough, but doesn't quite reach the results I was expecting from this promising bottle. The creme formula is thin and streaky which I was already expecting considering the shade, but still disappointing, no?!  Unlike other Essie polishes, it is also kind of difficult to work with given that it isn't the best at self-levelling and requires an excess of about three or more coats. 
I recently reviewed Rimmel's Lose your Lingerie from Rite Ora which is very almost exactly the same shade and I must say, it was pretty damn amazing! So this is your alternative ;)

Nail Art //
This is best achieved on day old or definitely dry manicures to prevent ruining your base.
I used gold nail tape (eBay) across the nail, cutting off the excess as I went. 
On the ring finger I layered the gold glitter polish painting it on in reverse, starting from tip to base but only on the end half of the nail. 
Wait for each layer to dry before doing the next and focus on the tip to get the fade effect.


Tan xx



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