Street & Rail Makes: Palmier Perfection

Winter seems to have blind sided my immune system, hitting me with a double whack of infection these past weeks. Sadly that means a week of tracksuits, pyjamas and my dressing gown, so nothing to report of the fashion front.
Nestled between a mountain of pillows and the cosy grips of my duvet, sipping slowly at a ginormous mug of streaming herbal tea and dreaming about all things edible, I got one of my sudden urges to bake. Obviously in no fit state, its was time for the next best thing.....sharing with you guys of course!!! 

If you follow me on Instagram (@streetandrail) you will already know I love good food and cooking, but more specifically baking (specially sweet treats). Throughout my childhood, and even to this day, mum is forever in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of goodness and I guess that's where it all started...
Palmiers are a firm family favourite, especially with my may cousins, and not to worry if your not a fan of spending hours in the kitchen because they are super easy, super speedy and SUPER Delicious ;)

500g Puff Pastry Block 
4 Tablespoons Sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 200 c.

Cut your pastry block in half and roll out into a square, or if your feeling lazy you can buy a ready rolled pastry sheet.

Sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar over the pastry and gently run the rolling pin over to press the sugar in.

Fold in both side to the middle and repeat the last two steps until you have what looks like a sausage.

Cut into even strips and spread over the baking sheet lying each flat so you can see the fold in the pastry. Remember to leave space for each palmier to rise. 
(In the photo I have flattened mine before baking. Me and my sister used to do when we were little so we could lick the oozing sugar syrup off our fingers so it is now a force of habit, however it is best you don't. Leaving them will give a better, even rise and save you the sticky mess left behind.)

Repeat this step for the second half of pastry if you are using the pastry block, then bake until golden.
 (approx 20 minutes)

Wait to cool, then devour!

See like I said super easy, and you can have plenty of fun with these, there's no need to stick to a plain sugar filling!  Why not add cinnamon or vanilla to your sugar, or maybe replace the sugar completely and use chocolate spread?! Savoury palmiers also work a treat. Pesto, olive and cheese are amongst some of the ones I've tried. I would love to hear about some of your inventions so don't forget to let me know in the comments below.   


Tan xx

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos, I didn't know this would become a post.



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