A Longer Lasting Lip


 Barry M - Red Lipliner
Mac - Ruby Woo

Party season is on its way. 
Plucked up the courage to sport as bold lip yet?! …..sadly the challenge doesn't end there!
Keeping it in place all day (maybe even all night) is the next step. Yes, a matte formula helps, but why restrict your range of lipsticks when all you really need it a bit of time and my secret (well not so secret) tips.

A good base is everything when achieving the perfect pout. Before any make up goes on, I use a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips, lightly brushing in circular motions, followed by a layer of Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm for Lips (any ultra hydrating balm will do). This buffs your lips leaving them super smooth and reduces chapping throughout the day (or night).

LINE // 
Using a lip liner helps to create that nice shape line and prevent bleeding or seeping of lipstick colour. If I know I'm set for a long day, applying the liner all over your lips will make sure there is still a solid colour underneath, should your lipstick fade.

The obvious one…a generous layer of lippie.

Press piece of tissue firmly over your lips to remove any excess from the previous step. Blotting is a really important to getting a lasting lip.

Next, apply another coat of lipstick. This time a little lighter and more evenly without blotting.

SET //
By now, you would have perfectly applied lipstick, ready to show it off to the world. This step is optional, but dusting with a very small amount of translucent powder, just as you may over foundation, will really help hold things in place.


Tan xx



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