Sunday Polish - Matte Cubed

A subtle addition to an all time classic. A brilliant shade of Red by Essie, in Fishnet Stockings. With an almost gel like consistency, it goes on opaque from very first coat, leaving little imperfections. Classic or not…. we all get bored of the same old same old sometimes. A very subtle addition to the timeless red nail is what I was looking for, and I’ve found the answer in something as simple as tape and matte finish! 

 Mark out a rectangular section in the middle of the nail using the straight edge your tape. You will need four strips per nail. I have used nail tape for the sake of showing up in the photos, however good old sellotape or masking tape will work just fine. 
Once all nails are taped off, paint the exposed rectangle in the centre of the nail with your matte finish making sure you removed the tape directly after painting each nail. 
If you leave it to dry before peeling the tape off, you may be left with a raised white edge. 
This works best on 1-day-old manicure, so not to ruin a freshly painted polish ;) 


 Tan xx



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