Beauty Fluid - Power Juice

This "Beauty Fluid" post was originally destined to tell you all about the marvellous moisturisers and facial friends the big brands (and the small ones) have to offer, however as always I got hungry and decided it was time for get a juice on the go!

"What the hell has that got to do with this post?!" I hear you ask

Well it got me thinking about my skin. 
Beyond the chemical-grade toner, face peeling scrub and mountains of make up (slight exaggeration) what do I do....

Here are a few  of my favourite inventions:

Green Power Juice: 
Kale. Apple. Cucumber. Celery. Spinach. Lime

Power Couple:
Strawberry. Avocado. Yoghurt. Agave.

Minty Pinetree:
Mint. Pineapple. Cucumber. Coconut Water

Beet Treat
Carrot. Orange. Beetroot. 

Orange Up
Carrot. Ginger. Apple. Orange

Drink up, 

Tan xx



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