Sunday Polish - Perfect Powder Pink

Essie - Flawless
Avon - Nude 

With this summer near over I thought it would be fitting to do a  nail post in this seasons colour, "Powder Pink".
You may have noticed that I've moved away from nail art recently, and instead adopted a new form of 'fun' when it comes to painting nail.....colour mixing!!!

I am obsessed. With just a few basic base colours you can make absolutely any colour under the sun (ish). This week I just decided to mute down Essie - Flawless, a pale but vibrant shade of pink into a more muted tone by applying a coat of Avon Nude. I cannot get enough of Essie - Flawless at the minute, not only a beautiful colour but it goes on well and appears almost fully opaque after just one coat.

Love Tan xx



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