Coconutty Wonders

Believe it or not, this is a little secret I discovered from my grandparents. 

Coconut oil proves to be pretty versatile, and comes especially handy during the beauty regime. The string of cold weather here in London seems to have taken its toll on my hair, and I sometimes find my scalp and the ends of my hair getting a bit dry. A little coconut oil massaged into my hair the day before washing seems to do the trick. 

Even better, it's 100% natural, proves to be a quick and easy fix, and smells pretty damn good! 

Not only is coconut oil great for hair, but you can also use it in place of your normal moisturiser, on both your face and body. My face tends to get oily throughout the day so this would only cause me to break out, but it keeps my legs looking soft and golden. It is very greasy so you don't need too much of it, but at around £5 from most health shops, it is surely worth it when you consider the amazing benefits! 


Tan xx



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