Eau Naturel

Silk Shirt - A/wear
Trousers - Zara

Being a blogger, you may not believe it, but I am pretty self conscious...especially when it comes to my bare face!
Like many other women out there, I've gotten myself into the bad habit of wearing make-up on a daily basis and now unable to step out without a swish of eyeliner, coating of mascara and smudge of blusher (and that's at the bare minimum!). I just feel Naked! 

Today however, I have decided to go 'eau naturel' (please be kind)
As you may know, last Wednesday, I boarded a plane to Malawi, where I will be living and volunteering for the next three months. I can hardly believe it myself! 
We will be pretty busy out there, and sure to be little time, or need, for hair and make-up...

I wonder how long it will take me to kick the make-up (addict) habit?! 
I guess I'll soon find out.....

Tan xx



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