Sunday Polish: Nail Rock's Rock Beauty Wraps

Essie - Really Red 
Rock Beauty Nail Foil - ASOS

These were an impulse buy from ASOS a few months ago, supposedly "the newer, faster manicure, without the worry of smudges", so I thought I would give them a go .... 

My first attempt didn't go so well. The edges closest to the nail bed and sides kept lifting and peeling back. They were also not as easy as I expected to position and stick down, or removing excess.
After wasting the majority on testing out different techniques, I found the best way is to take your time, make sure they are cut to shape properly and warm hands help the adhesive on the back stick better.

They don't require much skill compared to doing your own nail are (they are stickers for nails) but they fiddly. They're a bit rigid, but blasting them with the blow dryer softened them helping them curve round the nail easier.
When applied, to do look pretty nice, and although painting my nails probably would have been faster, I do still like them.....I just have to perfect the application process.


Tan xx



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