Get Creative at Liberty London

It's time to Get Creative at Liberty London! A hub for crafty fans, they are now hosting a 10 day event, from 24th October - 2nd November, packed with interactive workshops and personal apperances from well known designers, illustrators, artisans and makers. With something taking place on every floor, shoppers will have the chance to pick up a new skill or imagine, design and create wonderful gifts.
With an amazing line up of sheduled events, there's something to do for everyone. Grenson, historical English shoemakers will runnign their own 'Grenson Lab' where you can choose the colours, fabrics and soles for your own pair of shoes. 
You can also design and create your own T-Shirts live in the store with the help of Yr, the worlds first live printing specialists! You could be walking out wearing your very own unique design in a matter of minutes, and hey...if you really can't be bothers, why not just get a Stella McCartney 'Colour-In' T-Shirt instead.  
On top of all of this, illustrator Rory Dobner, who has some done some wonderful work, will be live, sketching away in Liberty's Gift Room.
Check out the shedule here...and Get Creative!
Tan xx



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