Homeless & Pregnant

So, it has been quite a while since my last post....bear with me, my life has temporarily been consumed by my homeless-pregnant, other-self.

As some may know I am a fashion student, and armed with my new brief, the project requires me to become my polar opposite! Dressing, eating, breathing the life of a pregnant homeless woman for the month, only stopping to document the journey along the way. 
It took quite some persuading to get myself to actually leave the house like this on the first day, and after building up all my courage I soon realised this was going to be far from pleasant!!
I have had to put up with odd looks, uncomfortable stares, not so quiet whispers about my choice of clothes, and snide remarks on the underground. I couldn't believe some peoples reaction, and am yet to be offered a seat on the tube as a "heavily pregnant" woman or to be asked if I am cold or hungry! 

I hate to admit it, but till now, I was one of many who would walk past the homeless without a second glance. This week all that changed. I stopped and sat with anyone homeless that I saw, offering my company and some food, giving me the chance to meet some amazing characters, leaving me touched by some wonderful and heart-breaking stories. 


Tan xx

PS. Please do not stop and talk to the homeless alone, although most people are very friendly, some may not be welcome to company! Also please ask if they would like something to eat before offering some food....I learnt this after having a bag of crisps being thrown in my face. 



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