Sliced Style

Skirt - H&M // Top - Topshop

An intriguing detail is the slit, that has featured on skirts and dresses pretty consistently through several seasons now. There’s a reason for that! 
Pattered or plain, it looks particularly seductive and refined, with a touch of mystery. The summer breeze plays flirtatiously with the fabric in the wind, as it flashes a little leg. Quite remarkable actually, how regardless of the length its always stylish. Maxi just does it for me though. 
Dependent on your shape, varying styles will suit you, so rule out nothing and always have fun with it. Never know, you may actually like something other than the usual pencil skirt… I did!
I’ve gone monochrome with this one, but there's nothing stopping you from playing with a little colour here. Adds a little more playfulness and interest to the overall feel of the outfit. You will have also seen this one worn in Italy a few years ago, here. I’m living by my “Buy Less, Choose Well” mantra, saving some pretty pennies and the planet in the long run.

Tan xx



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