Off the Top

Top - New Look / Jeans - Zara

There's nothing quite like a Sunday stroll down Columbia Road. It has to be one of my favourite places. Brimming with bounds of beauty; a huge variety of colourful flowers both in full bloom and still budding. That all too familiar market bustle fills the street and musical notes decorate the air and nostalgia sets in. It was mum that first took me and my sister at the distant age of seven. Nearly twenty years on it was me taking mum for her second visit and a sweet trip down memory lane! 

I vow to enjoy the sunshine to its full extent from now till it next disappears into winter hibernation…which at this rate could be next week. Off the shoulder tops in particular are getting some serious attention from me. A new silhouette and necklines gives a refreshing new look to revive and liven up existing outfits. Its also one that generally flatters every body shape. 
If you, like me, are a member of the itty-bitty-committee then this also means there's some serious opportunity to go braless - BONUS! You no longer have to bare the weight of the world in the form of shoulder straps again!

Free the girls - They’ll thank-you ;)
Tan xx

(P.S Apologies for the horrendous formatting - I cannot fix it)

Photos taken by my gorgeous Mama



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