Rocking Ruffles

Blouse - Zara / Jeans - Zara / Heels - Zara 

Needless to say I have been a little M.I.A of late, but something has ruffled my tail feathers. Quite literally. 
More of a plane Jane, I was a little surprised how drawn I am to the eccentric detailing ruffles present. There's something just so feminine and fun about these little (or large) flutters that I cannot resist and I’m clearly not the only one!
With the pace at which fashion accelerates these days you rarely see trends survive one season, let alone two. Ruffles have sailed through last season and are still going strong into the next. Looks like they are quickly becoming a top trend for spring. I'm absolutely loving it!

Styling however is key: It’s easy for your figure to get lost in folds of fabric. Done right, ruffles add enough fun without overcomplicating any look and save the constant trouble of over-thinking outfits: BONUS! 
This top in particular caught my attention, partly because you can’t walk past anything yellow without looking, but also because there’s nothings better than dancing with a top that dances with you. Paired with the perfect ripped skinny jeans makes for a winning combination: Fun Vs Edge!

Here’s to dancing through 2017 in it!
Tan xx

Photo's by: Adam. 



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