Pastel Persuasion

Suppose my black moment is coming to an abrupt end! Can't say I'm completely over the 'all black' obsession but for now my yearn for colour is growing. 
Paler pink hues have swept through from a previous trend and never quite died down before re-emerging, it's not much of a surprise considering it's spring (supposedly)!

It's was like love at first sight. Rushing through Westfield in a bid to beat the queues in my favourite lunch spot, we caught eyes and the rest was history! With an initially hard exterior, get close enough and you realise that's not the case at all. Soft and compelling with its pink suede, there was no letting go - till I realised that there's no lining which really let's it down!!!
Aside from the shade, which works beautifully with nearly all colours, this offers up endless options and of course who doesn't love having options!

Happy Thursday,
Tan xx

Photo's by: Adam. 



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