Animal Instincts

Fur Gilet Zara  /  Duster - Primark  /  Skirt - Oasis  /  Jumper - H&M

Outfits may look a little over-the-top and totally intimidating during fashion week, but actually some of my street style favourites have been super simple - jeans, jackets, boots. February mirrored New York on the weather front with a flurry of snow fall early last week, but that’s not to say you have to be miserably freezing to fit in with the fashion pack! The go-to?! A statement coat. 
This seasons embraces our animal instincts as everyone reaches out for their biggest coat. The puffier or furrier* the better, and I have made no exceptions. Last weekend I opted for this fab fur gilet to top my duster which you may have seen me sporting back in summer, along with this gorgeous Oasis skirt (who said clothes can’t be versatile.) Teamed with boots and a jumper …and a million other hidden layers, this makes the perfect go-to outfit.

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Lots of Love Fashion Bunnies.
Tan xx

*Faux of course  



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