Pollenated Punches

Nature, my love, you've done it again..

You've lured me outside with the your pretty petals and oh-so-green grass dancing in the sunlight, then wiped me out in one pollinated punch. I surrender hay-fever you’ve got me (…or had me since March). Whilst I appreciate so many of your other sensational seasonal delights, this one isn't my favourite. Summer days picnicking in the park come with a high risk that I’ll spend the next few days hiding pink puffy eyes and searching the bottom of my bag for a pack of tissues to sort the runny nose.

Sticking to the safety of the indoors where possible, specially since the UK seems to have been drowned in rain over night. We’re in need in a seriously large island-safe tumble-dryer if you know where we can get one?!

Time to get the wellies on and go puddle jumping.
Tan xx



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