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Jumpsuit - Forever 21

I wish I had more jumpsuits in my life. They are if anything, practical! Having said that, there's also something incredibly intriguing about looking somewhat like a sexy mechanic ;) I’ve always fancied my hand at fixing cars
…I guess this is as close as it will get!

I was drawn straight to this piece maybe for the colour, because although I find green a little sickly, forest green is something entirely different (as I discovered here) or maybe it was just for my preferred cut - Wide Leg! Giving a silhouette that makes your legs look sky high and a seamed waist to add some structure there's not many more boxes left to tick, aside from the open back detailing! I’m Sold!! The jumpsuit would definitely have to be my throw-and-go garment of choice. No matching of tops and bottoms makes dressing for any occasion as easy as slipping on a dress heels before strutting out the door. 

There are a few cute alternatives on the high street at the moment. 
Check them out…

H&M // Forever 21 // ASOS // H&M  

Excited for an Fun filled Friday!
Tan xx



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