Fight or Flight

Shirt - Zara 
Jeans - Zara
Loafers - Zara 
Leather Jacket - Warehouse

F I G H T   o r   F L I G H T 

It’s the brains natural response to threatening situations. When we perceive our body to be under attack the brain stimulates nerve endings and sends chemicals whizzing round your blood to trigger a reaction; Fight or Flight. 
Much like the immediate response that makes me want to send my phone flying across the room every morning when the alarm screeches at crazy o’clock ....only I think on the whole, mine may be malfunctioning because my response to everything is flight!

...When am I booking the next one 
Actually it happens to be now. A weekend adventure! I’ve been lucky enough to explore the edges of the earth and experience cultures, foods, traditions and families like no other. Its therefore understandable that my answer to happiness is simply a quick escape. Nothing quite compares to exploring unknown foreign lands....

Love from Spain.
Tan xx



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