A Paddle in Sunshine

Sarah summed up this week perfectly -  London seems to be dipping toes into summer.

A favourite London hotspot happens to be steeped in reams of colour and glorious smells of nectar. You guessed it - Columbia flower market but be sure to get there early enough or join the jam of people traffic snapping budding beauties and stocking up on a that week's fanciful flowers. Perfect for this weather but hayfever sufferes beware, you'll be voluntarily flypaper-ing yourself in all varieties of pollinated goodness that will follow you for the rest of the day. Before you know it you'll also be sandwiched in a crowd of strangers getting glares left right and centre for being the anti-social sneezer (a.k.a me last weekend)! 
Anyways... It's time to enjoy the great outdoors because let's face it, this is still London and who knows how long the sun will shine and temperatures soar till London decides once more that it's time for a shower! 

How are you enjoying the Summer Sun??

Tan xx



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