Insta Down Under

Hellooo again guys,

So sorry for the absence of late - guess what?  Back from down under in 

L O N D O N    T O W N 

(Note: super jet lagged…)

After nearly two days travelling and straight back into work, I’ve hit the ground running and it’s been all systems go go go...
Still a little disorientated I spent the first week falling asleep before 10pm and sat wide awake at 2am craving meals that don’t correspond with the right time zone. 
Back on track and catching up on life, I'm nearly there with the photo editing woohoo :)
For now Catch Up with a Snap Shot from Down Under on my instagram 

Hope you are all surviving the cold. 
Can't wait to share some my Adventures Down Under! 

Happy Thursday :)
Tan xx



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