Portable Hugs

As the temperature drops and the inevitable cold follows winter, I look forward to nothing other than wrapping myself in lustrous, cosy knits to keep me warm.
Knits are thrown over anything from dresses to jeans. Opt for a simple, minimalist or tonal variation and it's almost impossible to get wrong. Offering sophistication and versatility in their appeal, what's not to love!! 

Every winter I spend days venturing though the stores in search of the perfect jumper. This year I didn't have to because it was found for me in the Men's department would you believe?! 
An American Apparel find. The clean, simple structure with a high neck, cuffs is perfect for  keeping out the cold. Thankfully I won't be needing this for long as I am going in hibernation down under.

Got it in one!!! I am off again....
 I am currently sat at Heathrow awaiting my first of three planes on my way to Melbourne, Australia.
Prince Charming couldn't have me freezing on the plane, so this was my parting gift. 
A cosy and comfortable knit that's proving to be as good a portable hug!

Hugs & Kisses from Heathrow
Promise to send a postcard as soon as I recover from the 23hr Journey & Jet Leg!

Tan xx



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