Get Festive in London

Winter is by far, my favourite season for one reason only...

Christmas is coming!

Yes I am a big kid, and I hope that it never changes.
There is nothing that gets me as excited as the thought of Christmas and the new year approaching. 
As the crisp chill of winter rolls in, we have plenty to look forward to as London in getting festive. 
Covered in a blanket of pretty twinkling lights, christmas fairs and foodie favourites, what more could you want?!

Here are some of my favourites so get yourself down there...

Winter Wonderland //
A wonderful place full off plenty of things to do, buy and eat. 
Buzzing with festive spirit.

Ice Skating at Somerset House //
There are a number of Ice Skating pop-up's around at the moment but I think Somerset House has been my favourite to date. They also have an amazing christmas tree to admire as you skate.

London Lights //
 Pretty lanterns, fake snow and icicles are only some of the beautiful decorations you will see dangling above your heads. 
Favourites are Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, Burlington Arcade & the Strand.

Wondrous Windows //
Along with twinkling lights come the creative christmas themed windows.
Don't miss out whilst shopping for the prefect present
(Photos: Selfridges Windows) 

Hamley's Toy Store //
One I never miss out on every year is Hamley's. 
It almost like jumping into a toy version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. 
This bring so many childhood memories for me and I love immersing myself in the infectious excitement of the children running around me. 

25 Days till Christmas :)

Enjoy your Weekend.
Tan xx



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