Sunday Polish - Pop Art

Barry M - Mint
Essie - Bobbing for Baubles 
Essie - Blanc

Pop Art Nails - So much fun, don't you agree?

This is really versatile and can be adapted to however you want your nails to look. You can end at any stage and make these nails fit you...personally I would carry on right to the end to get the pop art effect.

I started with Barry M - Mint as my base colour. This was day old polish so not to wait ages for this to dry. This colour is quite transparent and will need three coats. 
Next carefully paint on you centre colour into the middle leaving a fine border of the base colour visible around the edge.
Wait a while for this to dry and finish the edges with a swipe of mint polish to complete the border around the entire nails.
Drag a fine line of white polish along the far edge and dot the top like an 'i' to create the pop effect.

As always finish with Seche Vite top coat to complete the look, then venture out into the sunshine to show off your polish

Love from a Sunny Sunday

Tan xx



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