Engineering an "It" bag

Ever felt that sheer annoyance when your barged past, by that rude annoying person wearing a bright velour tracksuit, trainers and a huge Louis Vuitton bag?! 
Rest assured, Louis Vuitton shares your views.

They are concerned that their image is being diluted by this stereotypical "Chav" view of their product, and the type of customer see in to be carrying it. They've not actually made a statement, but instead seem to have followed suit along with may other big names. 
What I hear you ask? They're going luxe with a super exclusive "It" bag! 
The Capucine bag, which costs up to £3,250, is made of full-grain Taurillon calf-leather, the same as the Hermes Birkin, most exclusive handbag in the world. While a logo version does appear in the campaign, it will be one of the hardest versions to snap up, as most have only have a small Louis Vuitton Paris stamp.

After executing a winning marketing strategy, and their Michelle Williams campaign stirring up a buzz, it was the cherry on the cake when Angelina Jolie was photographed carrying the bag. 

Louis Vuitton have been rumored to be employing Hermes tactics of "drip feeding" the bag to stores, releasing very few to ensure wait lists, but with the Capucine sold out in most stores worldwide it sounds like a resounding success. 

Whether it's going to be 2014's next must have It bag, I guess we just have to wait and see....

P.S Enjoy the New Year's Eve Celebrations x



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