Little Luggage

Handbag - TK Maxx

Ask any woman whats in her handbag and you’ll get a rather monotonous reply….”You Know?! Essentials”….a response usually followed by a wry smile. The weight, on the other hand tells a completely different story. 

Although I’d like to think the contents of my bag look like these previously, perfectly packed bag edits, the reality of my handbag clutter resemble that of a micro-hoarder. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a dazed pet in there! 
Despite the fact that I carry everything I may need for the eventuality of being stranded on desert island, (Yes…in the middle of London!) I can never actually find anything when I’m looking for it. The humiliation of digging and digging, pulling out the random contents in public! It always seems to happen when you’ve reached the till and can’t find your credit card?! or when you show up for the gym and you know you’ve got your members card on you, but…oh where is it?! Oh that’s right I don’t have a gym… by bad!

Any who, I digress! 
I have embraced the new miniature sized arm-candy obsessions and condensed my clutter to the bare minimal (aka as much as I can stuff in!).
A life time of big bags and oh the relief! 
Do it! Trust me... You'll thank yourself, then me of course ;)

Happy Thursday!!!
Tan xx 

P.S. No Dazed pets were harmed in the making of this post (…or the decluttering of handbags)! 



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