New Kicks - Nike Air Max Thea

Nike Air Max Thea

Living in the city, I walk most of the time. Hence why you usually catch me in nothing other that something comfortable on my feet. No one said comfort doesn't come beautifully packaged and disguised as trainers.  

I must admit, I'm not really the trainer type of gal, but when I saw the all white Nike Air Max Thea I had to have it. Lucky of me they were a birthday gift, and you now have to prize these off my feet at the end of the day. Yes they really are that comfortable. Designed as a running shoe, they certainly work in my favour when running late. While I already love an all white shoe I am always hesitant to buy them, because keeping them white is near enough impossible, however the shape and contrasting textures really sold me.  Teamed with a pair of black jeans and white tee, both wardrobe essentials, your ready to hit the ground running....literally.

Do you have that special pair of shoes you can't live without? 
These are mine for sure

Tan xx 



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