Sunday Polish: Nude Perfect

Star Nails Base Coat
Essie - Pototo Fields
Essie - Pink Glove Service 
Seche Vite Top Coat

I've always had trouble finding that perfect shade of nude, no colour off the shelf quite seemed to do it, so I took matters into my own hands and tried a variation of mixes until I achieved this miracle.
...and a miracle it was!

My perfect nude is a very pale natural tone with the slightest hint of pink so I chose to use Essie - Potato Feilds and Pink Glove Service. Potato Feilds has no pink hues, but instead a translucent yellow toned nude. Pink glove service however, is on the opposite end of the nude spectrum in transparent pink.

I started with my base then 4 coats of Potato Fields (yes, 4). Apply 2 coats, allow a few minutes to dry then apply the next two. 
Give a few more minutes to allow the four coats to dry, then apply a final two coats of Essie Pink Glove Service, finishing with a coat of Seche Vite (or a top coat of your choice).
Due to the coats being so thick, be very careful not to touch or smeer your nails even after the top coat as it is highly likely that they will still be a bit "soft" upto 20 minutes after.
Running your hands under ice cold water will help the drying process but make sure to only shake and pat dry. Towel or blow drying may also ruin your manicure.

Ok so this takes a bit of time to achieve and more than a few coats, but it's definately worth it, so try doing one had at a time starting in the morning on a day you know you haven't got much to do. 
Either that, or you'll be doing everything with the tips of your fingers, and we all know from experience that a deathly manicure scratch or dent it inevitable at this point...

Have fun,

Tan xx



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