Anna's Wardrobe

Jumpsuit - Zara
Shoes - Florence Leather Market

Packing light has it's set backs.....I had nothing to wear!!! Ok well slight exaggeration, I had nothing to wear for an evening out which I hadn't already worn. 

Great friend's are amazing....but great friends that are the same size as you and let you raid their wardrobe are even better :D!!! 

I was in luck! We were off to the Grand Hotel Savoia for dinner before leaving, and with a near wardrobe disaster, Anna saved my life with the prefect outfit. If you ever visit Genoa, dinner at the Savoia is a must if not for the delicious seafood and basil pesto pasta, then for the breathtaking view (here).

Anna has a very unique style and somehow always seems to look effortlessly thrown together whether she's just spent hours getting ready (which I coudn't imagine her doing) or after dragging herself out the house and off to uni having pull an all-nighter on a last uni assignment they love to throw at us the day before.
During our quick flick through I spotted some amazing stuff hidden away, so if your lucky, on my next visit you may get a peak.


Tan xx



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